Apple MacBook Pro bug patched, kicking in full performance. The Good Excellent clarity. The biggest difference with the AiGuru is that it also has the ability to play music and control a PC remotely. The right side has a headphone jack should you wish to listen to streaming music from your PC in a little bit higher fidelity or without disturbing those around you. The small blue backlit LCD only displays x64 pixels, but is very bright with information such as battery life and wireless signal strength clear and easy to read. This means that you can manage your libraries, and play, stop and pause songs even with the computer in another room. Its keypad is very tactile but overall build quality feels poor.

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Asus aiguru s1 The biggest factor holding back VoIP is that it’s perceived by most as something that’s very complicated and requires a computing degree to master. This couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of the AiGuru S1.

Sound quality deteriorates when using the speakerphone for hands-free talk, which we thought was surprising considering that this same speaker is used for playing music. The biggest difference with the AiGuru is asus aiguru s1 it also has the ability to play music and control a PC remotely. The back of the phone is where the speaker is asus aiguru s1 for the speakerphone and music playback more on that later.

Asus AiGuru S1 Skype Phone Review: Hands On

Microsoft broke its own asus aiguru s1 to reinvent the cardboard box. Someone spilled Coffee all asus aiguru s1 the x1, again. It’s ideal for users that want to aivuru Skype as just another phone service, without having to wear a cumbersome headset or be tied to the PC. Design The look of the AiGuru S1 resembles a conventional candy bar shaped mobile phone and is finished in a shiny white plastic, no doubt to capture the sector of the market enamoured with the iPod.


Radio Shack could be ass In addition to this, there’s also a 3. Conversations came through loud and clear with respondents experiencing the same level of asus aiguru s1 even when we moved away from the PC and into other rooms. Home Reviews News Forums. The phone effectively has a built-in On the left side of the phone we find the power button.

Features The phone comes packed with the standard fare of most modern phones, such as Caller ID, phone book entries, call history, and speaker phone function, as well as answering machine functions. Why don’t asus aiguru s1 products work xsus yet? Latest News Latest Videos. Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. Mini NES Classic is your childhood in a brilliant little box. The sound of a Cloud in Flight from HyperX. Don’t show this again. At the bottom are two metal connections for charging when on the dock and a USB connection for setup purposes and also for charging.

The high powered and reasonably priced Hi Pro. The battery on the Asus S1 Skype phone is very small and doesn’t add much asus aiguru s1 to the unit at all.

Its round edges and chunky feel allows it to be clasped asus aiguru s1 in the hand. Support for dual-audio channel allows the AiGuru S1 to function without effecting other asus aiguru s1 on your computer, meaning that you can watch a movie, play games or leave some music running while making a phone call.


Aigiru keypad is very tactile but overall build quality feels poor.

Amazon bought Ring months ago. Visit manufacturer site for details. This means that you can manage your asus aiguru s1, and play, stop and pause songs even with the computer in another room.

AiGuru S1 | ASUS Global

Official figures from ASUS are 30m indoors and up to m outdoors but our tests measured the effective distance to be around 20m indoors, which is still plenty. A USB wireless adapter is required asud with some software for your PC, which also needs to be switched on at all times.

Answer asus aiguru s1 hang up buttons, a standard dial pad and two “soft-keys” that correspond to asus aiguru s1 on the screen are seen here.

The built-in speaker on the back of the AiGuru has been designed for both ordinary phone conversations as well as listening to music that can be streamed from a PC via a Wi-Fi connection.

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