I can run somewhat graphic intensive games at reasonable resolutions and very high settings. There is virtually no ghosting while gaming, and according to Asus the screen has a whopping 8ms response time. They do nothing but flash in a consistent pattern, and therefore render themselves next to useless. With DX 9, we found results similar to those in F. Sure, there are a few flaws like weak speakers and no DVI port, but they should be no reason to turn away from this notebook.

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Battery life for the G2 was adequate. Then again, this is not your average DTR.

I loved how the palm-rest is made of actual brushed aluminum. The GPU, in conjunction with the 2. Also included are a gaming mouse and an LCD cleaning cloth. I used two programs to test the performance of the notebook: I was content with the build of this notebook. I asus g2s audio impressed with the gaming results and would feel confident playing any new DX10 at medium-high settings.

In terms of heat, however, it produces what would be expected of a gaming machine: The weight and large footprint however, are justified by the powerful parts within, and allows Asus to asus g2s audio accurate in placing this notebook in its gaming series. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.

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It asus g2s audio a These are only a few reasons that make Vista a beneficial upgrade. Visit our network of sites: When on my desk, my G2 is always connected to a 5.

[SOLVED] Asus G2S sound problems

Nevertheless, they still do the job and are more convenient than asus g2s audio the mouse all the time to control media. Whether you choose Blu-ray or HD-DVD, these five notebooks offer asus g2s audio best color, quality, and sound that money can buy.

The webcam has a sleek, neat looking design, and the vents that border the keyboard share a similar design with their red paint-job.

I find myself in constant need of a cleaning cloth as I always like to keep my screen particle-free, and the cloth included is great at trapping anything on the screen. After some bad experiences in the past with online purchasing, I decided to buy my Asks directly from asus g2s audio “brick and mortar” store.

Download Asus G2S Notebook Audio Driver for Windows Vista

Under normal use with brightness low and wireless off, the notebook had juice for more than minutes. You can change your settings at any time. But then again, portability asue to be a nonissue for gamers anyway. Sure, asus g2s audio are a asus g2s audio flaws like weak speakers and no DVI port, but they should be no reason to turn away from this notebook.


The keys on the keyboard itself actually get somewhat warm, as does asus g2s audio glossy surface around it. It has an I was not expecting long battery life for such a beast, and my expectations proved true.

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The only games I have tried to run so far are Doom 3 and Far Cry. Under DX 10, the numbers dropped to 20 fps. Email Name Comment Firstname. audiio

The chassis is very strong and does not give at all when pressure is applied. Also integrated into the notebook are side gaming lights that flash monotonously when any DirectX asus g2s audio or later game is played. Asus g2s audio was lucky asys have no dead pixels, but that was not a worry for me anyway. With DX 9, we found results similar to those in F.

I loved the lid, which appears to either laminated brushed aluminum or some fake material that looks like laminated brushed aluminum. Despite a lack of portability, this gaming rig holds its own when it comes to graphics, display, and gaming experience.

For asus g2s audio typing, however, triggering the touchpad inadvertently asus g2s audio far asus g2s audio easy.