I went with the FT-i, because I just kept hitting it in the middle of the fairway so often. However the greater moment of inertia does have its drawbacks. Its easy to shape and easy on the eye, sits square and with the gaffalloy blue prob the best driver i have ever owned! By the way i got my driver off of ebay for only canadian! The first few warm ups were dead straight then worked a nice fade in the mix. Wow, best mistake that could have happened.

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Delivery to Northern Ireland arrived exactly when I was told it would. In our tests it certainly does keep off-centre hits straighter and they also get a good level of distance.

It is a significant improvement over the Taylor.

I guess that this is not a new club but an older model? However, consider taking ear-plugs with you to the driving range as it sounds like a gun-shot.

On graphite shafts there may be a few light scratches, but no wear on the paintwork.

To really be a hot shot in golf, you need to take any two clubs under consideration out on the course. Firstly, I ordered my FT-i after the Friday 2pm deadline but it still arrived circa 1pm on the Mnday.

Both have a black-and-orange color scheme with reflective silver elements. A pair of new drivers from Callaway Golf hit golf shops earlier this spring. Agreed a great club for under a bucks. The ball flight of the FT-5 is vallaway than its predecessor, starting out high but staying lower at its apex.


Callaway FT-i Tour LCG Neutral Driver

At lot level when you’re looking at a unique set of irons the RRP may have changed. I cannot believe how straight I’m hitting those tee shots – and such a good flight.

When I first tried this club, I was totally unimpressed. I think it is forgiving but still efficient, like most of my clubs nike sumo irons, mizuno neeutral hybrid.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

There were little complaints about the 9 degree GBB besides low trajectory. Will be a massive boost to the weakest part of my game. I czllaway the straight FT-i a try on a demo day a few weeks ago. After a couple of buckets and rounds I am happy with this club.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review

I have an FT-5 draw for about 3 years now after I tried a number of drivers by the time. Carbon Composite body creates discretionary mass that is distributed to the extreme perimeter, resulting in increased stability and longer, straighter drives. I think the FTi is a ft club.

To be notified when we do, plea. Really didn’t like the Callaway FT-i driver at all. It still ended up in the fairway, but my driving distance was only yards.

In perfectly usable order but cosmetically not quite deserving of a ‘good’ rating. Callaaway distance is definitely further than the Callaway. However, it is refreshing to hear that it can still hold up to scrutiny.


Callaway FT-i Tour Neutral Driver with Stiff Graphite speeder shaft degree loft.

Either way, if there are any marks at all on the shaft they will be very light. Clubs with the following flaws will not be accepted: The Callaway FT-i driver has had a lot of hype and rightly so as it was the first introduction of a new type of driver focussing on a high moment of inertia MOI to reduce twisting of the club head at impact, particularly on off-centre hits. From day 1 it felt like I’ve been hitting it forever.

I then hit it another demo day this summer, still didn’t like it. The face of the FT-i is deep, but not as wide as the FT For instance, better players who swing in to out will need to get a draw bias FT-i because the MOI weights mean that with a neutral bias FT-i the clubhead continues on the ‘out’ path through impact instead of ‘turning over’ at impact with standard driver.