This shot shows the maximum amount of zoom the lens is capable of. The SE’s photo quality is average, and the features are pretty basic. The Bad Very slow performance; average picture quality; some important controls are buried in LCD menus; high list price. Over to the left of that is the built-in flash. There are several choices available for image resolution and quality on the SE.

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Let’s take our usual tour of the camera, starting with the front. I wish they had more “play”, as they don’t move as much as I’d like. The len s is not threaded. The LCD in record mode.

Anyhow, let’s take a complete look at the Digimax SE to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Calls to numbers cost no more than calls to geographic numbers 01 or Create a free account to like this page. I took this picture in the Night Shot mode. Need some help locating your model number?

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Samsung Digimax SE MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

The detailed part of this statue was recorded well and the metering system performed well. Review Sections Review Digikax. Feedback Jeff welcomes your comments or questions. As you can see, the lens cover, which doubles as the power switch, eliminates the need for a lens cap. Replacement parts for a great many Samsung products can be found at the following websites: The lens showed very little distortion in our tests and zoomed smoothly.


The four-way switch is used for menu navigation but also does other functions as well. For the SE, that’s the very slow operation.

The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia. The Digimax includes four non-rechargeable AA batteries, which quickly end up in the trash please recycle them if you can!


Particularly good features that stand out on this camera are the high quality movie mode and the ability to record audio with each photo. I advise you to turn off the phony shutter sound so you don’t think it took the picture and then move the camera thus blurring the photo.

If that happens, the camera will focus at 2. There are options for a date imprint and saving your settings. With this review, we add Samsung as the latest manufacturer to send us cameras for review. Camera modes The Digimax modes are controlled via the dial surrounding the shutter release on top of the camera. Digimsx very minor niggle aside, the Digimax SE offers a good weight and size balance.


The first purchase you’ll need to make after buying the SE is a set of rechargeable batteries. The SE’s control sigimax is also disappointing. JPEG often seen with its file extension.

That’s much slower than average.

Strangely, you have to depress the shutter release halfway before you can start filming — just as you would for a still.

It’s down here on the bottom of the camera! Images were generally sharp and the digimmax system held up well under pressure too.

When you press the shutter release fully, you will first hear the phony shutter release sound, then the real shutter sound.