Remove the paper backing from both sides of the Cleaning Card. Using the Device Options tab Use this option to control specific Printer functions. Page – Using the calibrate tab Page – Using the image position controls Page Page – Using the sensors button Page – Using the settings button Page – Using the printer calibration utility Page – Using the image darkness option Page – Using the print top of form option Page – Using the print end of form option Page – Using the print left of form option Page – Using the mag top of form option Page Page – Using the ribbon tension option Page – Using the magnetic encoding tab Page – Using the encoding mode option Page Page – Using the coercivity selection Page – Using the magnetic track selection optio Sachin Venkatesh Replied on May 12, Measuring the Total Card area continued See the previous procedure in this section. Page Move the slide to the right to cause more heat to be used, thus generating a darker print.

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In most cases, the default settings of these options will suffice.

Select this option in conjunction with any application program that supports a multiple-page document, duplex printing. This is the fastest way to apply the film lamination, yet it rlectronics the lowest film durability.


Access Control

It can be found under this path The activated Sensor indicates to the Printer that the Card Input Hopper is empty and the elecfronics will not feed. Page 95 Fargo Electronics, Inc.

Select Landscape to cause the card to print in dtc5550 horizontal orientation, as shown below. Select the link for the System web page. Click on the Device Options tab in the Printer Driver. Using The Card Tab, Section 6: Delete an area by using the Defined Area arrows to select the area and click on the Delete button. Using The Print Both Sides Option Select this option in conjunction with any application program that supports a multiple-page document, duplex printing.

Fargo Isopropyl alcohol cleaning cards, 10 pack In Stock: Page Select the PolyGuard Alternating Patch option only if using PolyGuard material that has alternating patch configurations on the same roll e. When the card grid is first activated, a small black square will appear at its: Page – Selecting the lamination position Page – Selecting the lamination side Page – Selecting the lamination type Page Page – Adjusting the transfer dwell time and tr When it asks if you want to save, press Yes.

A to Has shown in the Portrait and Landscape samples below. Reviewing The Overlaminates To maximize Printer life, reliability, printed card quality and durability, you must use only Fargo Certified Supplies.


Close the Printer after the Rollers are clean and completely dry. The Printer will be set to a default of 30 mil. ID Identification An abbreviation for identification. In this case, rotate the adjustment knob counter-clockwise.

Do not reverse the overlaminate roll. Pull the Cleaning Cartridge out of the Printer, as shown below. Driver will change the Ribbon type to the correct setting or validate.

Print Server A device used to connect and control a Printer on a network. Component Description Card Output Stores printed cards; up to30 mil cards. If the LEDs do not indicate connection, verify the network connection with another device.

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Page Buffer and spooler. ID Card Printer Ribbons. How do I print a test page Follow this procedure. We will help you. Measure the total size of the desired area farbo enter those dimensions into the Dimension boxes.

This print will provide maximum image size, giving complete card coverage on a CR sized card. Close the Top Cover.