Into your working directory copy the latest version of the official jdbc driver for postgres. The cat command shows you the content from the current configuration. Connection could not be allocated because: I’m not at all sure that roleName or datasourceName are needed or correct, but don’t have time to further review the documentation to check. Currently this file is called mysql-connector-java She has suggestions about that? Creating tables in MySQL.

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This site uses cookies. Within the opened form, specify all of the required data and tick the Create database with same name and grant all privileges option. Create a Docker file First step is to create a custom docker file in your workspace.

Glassfish 4 and Postgresql driver | Dmitry Pukhov

You should see your screen like similar to this two images: The nightly build seems to fix this issue at: Email Required, but pistgresql shown. You wont notice the change, i promise you. Follow the simple steps below to configure JDBC connection pool: Within the appeared form, fill in the following fields: I am using JDK 8u with this version of Glassfish.


Notice that password is stored unencrypted.

Driver you can choose any other but by now is the simplest option. Try the answer provided for this question: Docker-Compose Now as you have a docker image with your custom payara server you can setup a docker-compose file to define your environment. You can find it here. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Following the series of articles I am writing for newcomers to Java EE world and Glassfish, today I will make an introductory work that will allow us to work with databases. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You should see your screen like similar to this two images:. Click Go at the bottom of the page to initiate addition of a database and user for connection pooling.

My goodness, I have had a helluva time getting to this point but I have finally one it. Notify me of new comments via email. At the moment I write this article current version is 5.


Java Connection to MariaDB. Dani plz help, I dont what to do. The database is called booreg The code for creating this tables is: I guess there is no error handling or something. So, I will directly create a database and two tables in this database: I used root and no password.

Confirm resources creation with the OK button at the top. Initial and Minimum Pool Size Set a zero value on this parameter. You should be able to find the drivers in Glassfidh or maybe even inside the modules folder on glassfish.

Running Payara and PostgreSQL in Docker

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Run Java Console Application.