Each row of the result is displayed in a block of key-value format, where the keys are the names of the columns. Not supported for Separated-Value Output formats. See the “Field Detail” section in the Java Connection documentation. In Hive version 3. This bug is fixed in version 0.

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Direct – Binary Transport Mode beeline -u “jdbc: Please be aware that only single character delimiters are supported. How is HiveServer2 deployed on the cluster?

The init files for initialization Usage: In case of properties beeline.

This bug is fixed in version 0. This website uses cookies for analytics, personalisation and advertising. Jbdc in scripts can be specified using the ” — ” prefix. Not all the URL properties can be derived from hive-site.


Once an HS2 instance goes down, ZooKeeper will not forward connection requests to that server. The password to connect as. Is HiveServer2 configured to authenticate users? The quoting can be disabled jvbc setting the disable. In embedded mode, HiveServer2 runs within hiceserver2 Hive client rather than in a separate process.

List of SQLLine commands available at http: A Python client driver is available on github. When the user types beeline -c httpUrla connection is opened to jdbc: Please be aware that these output formats are deprecated and only maintained for backward compatibility.

Delegation tokens in Hive are meant to be used if you are connecting from one authorized blessed machine and later you need to make a connection from another non-blessed machine.

Embedded double quotes are escaped with a preceding double quote. No host or port number is necessary for the JDBC connection. A t tachments 0 Page History. In this case the rest of the properties like HS2 hostname and port information, Kerberos configuration properties, SSL properties, transport mode, etc. Another option from HortonWorks: Reconnect to last used Hiveservver2 if a user has previously used!


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Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. For example the following beeline-hs2-connection. Beeline can be run disconnected from a terminal for batch processing and automation scripts using commands such as nohup and disown. These three formats differ only with the delimiter hiveserevr2 cells, which is comma for csv2, tab for tsv2, and configurable for dsv.

See Separated-Value Output Formats below for description of recommended sv options.

HiveServer2 Clients – Apache Hive – Apache Software Foundation

Script file that should be executed. Control whether color is used for display. Used by Kerberos authentication with TCP transport. In this method, starting with Hive 0. The changes can be adding, removing, or updating jar files.