Same principal, just different degrees. Originally Posted by gordo Think of it like trying to slice a loaf of bread by hand. Yes, it can be very confusing. So if you lower the club 1 notch to. Yes but its open or closed in relation to what, the line on the grip? I have been looking around online and cannot find anywhere that gives a breakdown on what each setting specifically does. This would be very appreciated.

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You still have to be able to hit the ball well and consistently hhow order for the adjustable factor of a club to take effect.

The R9 adaptors are in half degree increments, for a total of 2 degrees change. Rocketballzz should’ve bough the R11s if you wanted more adjustability. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It’s not like you adjust the club for every shot. That’s what came stock on my Supertri. I think it’s all about fitting. You lower the loft; you open it. As the link provided shows, that is incorrect. It does it for you If I’m not able to keep the ball in play it’s likely a swing flaw.


If the club’s purchased in order to let the player use their normal driver adjusg but adjust it to a draw or fade depending on the course they’re playing or tune it as Gordo mentioned then that makes a little more sense but again I personally would rather learn how to hit that shot than have something do it or help to do it for me. I Just Do IT.


Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. Register for free today! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This is pretty shoddy, because when you go lower, it is still not consistent, standard lower by. Originally Posted by gordo It’s not like you adjust the club for every shot.

Nah it’s more like the person trying to cut the bread can’t be bothered to practice and cut it well themselves, they want a one-size-only bread slicer so that they don’t have to.

Whatever degree amount that you change the loft just double that amount for how much you’re focketballz the face angle. Sign In Sign Up. But is that not the same as simply rotating the face open or closed at address? If not, please start a new topic.


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Register a new account. Sinnce I got the RBZ driver and closed the faced slightly, I’m hitting it much straighter, a slight draw.

Posted April 10, For me personally I’d rather address that swing flaw than buy a tool to fix it for me, which is undoubtedly what I lot of people would buy an adjustable driver for. Oh yes, almost forgot I have a slice with my driver. Originally Posted by iacas Quote: Originally Posted by blue72ss This video by Taylormade golf contradicts the tunetaylormade. I dont know who to believe, Taylormade or Taylormade? It turning my hands over through the swing but it’s really difficult to fix.

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I hit the R11, and it goes consistently shorter that they RBZ at least for me by about 10 yards. The only difference between the R11s and RBZ adaptors is the color.