Southpaws and other wrong-handed types will have to struggle along with the right-handed design of the stick but assuming you use the hand that god intended for you to use, you should be fine. It’s incredibly comfortable with a solid palm rest and a comfortable shape. Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller If you’re more oriented towards action-type games or if you simply have to have a cordless joystick, then you can’t do better than the Freedom 2. Thankfully there’s no such problem here. But this is a minor problem. I found virtually no delay between the stick and receiver getting good response even at longer ranges.

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Logitech Sony PlayStation 2 Controllers.

Logitech Freedom 2.4 (963283-0403) Joystick

All black and silver, it’s easily one of the “coolest” looking joysticks around. It probably won’t replace the Saitek X45 admittedly a high bar to clear but given the bulkiness and corded nature of that stick, I can easily appreciate someone’s preference 22.4 Logitech’s design. In the end it comes down to the games you play.

Logitech PlayStation 2 – Llgitech Controllers. You’ll get the profiler software along with the stick. Buttons are a bit stiffer than I like but they’re loose enough to allow for easy response. The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear. The receiver’s got rubber feet, presumably to keep it from sliding around, but since it weighs less than a hummingbird skeleton, it can slide around fairly easily.

In any case, the convenience of wireless gaming combined with the rugged stability of the Freedom 2. On that score, the Logitech Freedom is easily one of the most convenient sticks I’ve used. We haven’t had the need to change the batteries in it yet and, while Logitech’s claims of hours of play from three batteries seems a bit extreme, you should easily be able to get at least 30 or 40 hours out of each new set. Skip to main content. It plugs in via a USB cord and accepts signals from the stick at distances approaching twenty feet — more than sufficient for most gaming needs.


When you’re focused on the action on the screen, you sometimes hit the hat left or right when you’re just trying to hit the buttons on either side of it.

But in some cases, it takes more than four feet to get the receiver stationed just where you want it. Under most frsedom the vreedom options within individual games are enough for me, making the external profiler a bit redundant. Naturally, I have a few complaints and some issues I’d like to see resolved for the next generation in this line.

I should also note that the stick installed and played fine, even though I had not disabled my other peripherals.

Logitech Freedom Review – IGN

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Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad The more important issue is that the axes all offer enough resistance to keep your inputs solid and stable. Logitech Sony PlayStation logifech Controllers. The large aluminum trigger is very comfortable and convenient. Trending Price New.


Logitech has long been one of our favorite joystick manufacturers and this latest addition to their controller line merely adds to their reputation. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad It can rest comfortably on them while your thumb operates the simple but effective throttle control. The position and shape of the hat switch make it overlap a bit with the 5 and 6 buttons.

Atari Video Game Vintage Joysticks.

Logitech Freedom cordless joystick Specs – CNET

Perhaps the worst of the stick’s features is its eight-way hat. When I’m wrenching the controls around in a mad fight for my life, I don’t want to have to lgitech that excessive pressure will lift the base up off the desk.

If that wasn’t enough, the rapid fire trigger gives you the edge you need to shoot down more bogeys than you logigech thought possible while the precision throttle slider gives you an unprecedented level of control over your plane.

While my own personal gaming tastes require a joystick with more buttons and features, the Logitech stick is a real work of art. I found virtually no delay between the stick and receiver getting good response even at longer ranges.

My Windows 10 platform picked it up and basically all I had to do is plug it in fteedom play.