We all had to learn the power eq uations that prove the difference between 5 watts and watts is roughly two S-poims at the receiv ing end-go to a kilowatt and you pick up anotherone and halfscpoints! Whe n a “1 ” is received, the unit wil l tra nsm it ” III HI” and the n sile nce the tran smitter this is fo r w hen you fec i someone is getting too close. C3 is an air dielectric variable capacitor. But th en yo u would miss a ll t he fun o f trou bles hooting your own gear! How many of you even know a ham who has provided a val u able emergency service in the last five years? There’s always something you have 0 cobble together, and yo u tend to hear a lot of guys going around muttering, “It’s not a contest.

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You provide DC, stereo phones or speckers. This is part of my fairly f ruitless effort to get people 10 become better educated All of the various logging, re porting, and utility functions arc organized in a rational manner, and the menu selections reflect thetasks in ways that are familiar and easily understood.

Many ne w transceivers come equipped with Digital Signal Processing ‘. Winding Ll with taps partial. I also believe thai the first and only purpose of amateur radio is communication: The P1T line is enabled.


An advanced feature o f both log and QSL printing is the ability to prepare output from a template that you design.

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Mitorola began the low-vo ltage circ uitry. Mark the point where the needle stops 5: Hut what about those parts whose leads you can’ t get to? Mount the perf board assembly previously wired so a wire fro m the center connection of 11 ca n pass directly through the ce nter hole of Tf ; this will form the primary winding.

A Coax-cable trap circuit. Working motorooa llites is a lot of fu n, and RS 12 is th e perfect bird for those of us j ust starting out.

I still enjoy turr nng on my Yacsu on 20m to listen. Here’s another variation you can try: R2, and M 1.

Sony AC-VQ50 Oplader

L0 cate the loose end of Ll near tap 12 and route it to the wiper terminal of 5 Ib. This lets you know that you’ve contacted the FOX controller, and that irs about to key up for 4. Operation Once you ‘ve built your fo xy controller you ‘ ll need motorila HTs to transmit and receive on the sam e frequency.

You add a good OSP unit to your existing rig. E 1a “pr-of, ;; 1.

Motorola MotoGO Price in Malaysia & Specs

The re sult is vq5 doctors don’t know a darned thing about health. A CornerBeam aimed at an area your repealer hears poorly could improve service where incoming signals from I-ITs are presently too weak. If th ose features arc critical 0 you, you can either use another program or wri te to Milestone Technologies and complain about how old-fashio ned ‘hey arc! The other cheap insurance pol icy.


The capaci to r IS mounted o n a Plexiglas” plate screwed to the central support. I used the orig inal discrete component version.

Libraries have The collection of over microfiche. Surface-mo unt parts arc not that hard 10 replace.

I needed that sixth for a mi nute WAC. The sides o f the I XlP are se parate pieces o f wire.

The un it ap parently rai ses the tempe rature o f the blood. Other companies, such as Pace and OK Industries, also make dcsoldcring cquipmem. This works out to approximately pf and 5 J. After reading yourvwclcomc Newcomers” column in January, I’ m sure that the majority of the Tcchs shown in your graph felt put down! If yo u have access to a grid-dip meter, yo u might also want to chec k the traps for resonance.