So far, everything is kicking ass. So it seems the board should do fine. Anyway, got it all together last night, and it’s still running awesome. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Find all posts by SixChurchStreet.

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After almost a week of harrassing the computer repair place, they finally determined, yes it was officially the board that was dead and not the CPU ms was the other possibility.

so hows the MSI K7T Pro2?

I got lots of parts mail order. I am very pleased. So I dropped it at a computer repair place, caues i had had enough.

In the processor market, Intel and AMD release faster chips nearly every month, and in the video card market, NVIDIA has stuck to a 6-month product cycle to make sure they have the fastest video card. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. That is a good thing.

This time it is not a whole new design, but a revision of the K7T Pro.

Finally i went and picked it up at the depot. And it’s actually the K7T Turbo2, not the Pro2. Send a private message to SixChurchStreet. Prro2, this is the last time I am going to ask “is this a good motherboard? Among them is Microstar, who seemingly never stops and is constantly releasing new products.


Glad to see you got nsi Digi going. So far, everything is kicking ass. Thanks for the reply.

New City, NY Posts: Having myself read many of the “horror” stories here, it is a great feeling to get ones system running smoothly. Seeing as the Asus board i bought just happened to be dead.

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT Socket-A ATX

Introduction If you compare the rate companies push out new products now to that of a year ago, you will be amazed at how much faster it is now. All times are GMT With processors and video cards improving every day, it is not too surprising to see that the motherboard market has mis sped up their product cycles.

Has anyone used this msi K7T Pro2 motherboard? For starters, the the VIA North Bridge is rotated 45 degrees with respect k7 the edges of the motherboard. Sun Valley, ID Posts: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

And to top it all off, the board is read. Motherboard manufacturers face all mmsi of challenges in supplying new products at a faster pace, and only a few manufacturers can keep up with that.


They called it the K7T Pro2.

As we all know, it’s all about the looks, and yes, it most certainly looks cool. Anyway, got it all together last night, and it’s still running awesome. It’s actually a pretty kickass board. So it seems the board should do fine.

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT133 Socket-A ATX

Ok, so first a quick story about the “horror story”. With so many competitors and so many KT solutions out there already, what can Microstar bring us this time with the K7T Pro2? Sure this is not practical since most processors cannot handle the heat, but everyone knows that changing the multiplier for AMD processors is a much better way to overclock the CPUs than by just increasing the FSB.

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