Handling errors This section discusses how to check for, identify, and handle errors in a TimesTen Java application. There are getBlob methods, getClob methods, and getNClob methods Java 6 only where you can retrieve the LOB output parameter according to either parameter name or parameter index. With Read Committed isolation level, the default prefetch value is 5. A read-only locator is read consistent , meaning that throughout its lifetime, it sees only the contents of the LOB as of the time it was selected. RowId support applies only for Java 6 ttjdbc6. Maximum number of elements in the associative array in TimesTen must be same as curLen.

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The following example establishes the connection and registers the listener. Times TenConnection Connection Provides capabilities such as prefetching rows to improve performance, listening to events for automatic client oracle timesten jdbc, setting the oracle timesten jdbc number for parallel replication schemes where you specify replication tracks, and checking database validity.

As a result, there will be an error if the data type of each bind parameter is not specified or cannot be inferred from the SQL statement. Be aware of the following: With Serializable isolation level, the default is The jar file ttjdbc5. Unless statements are prepared in advance, use the execution methods of a Statement object, such as executeexecuteUpdate or executeQuerydepending on the nature of the SQL statement and any returned result set.

When you are finished accessing the database, call the Connection method close to close the connection to the database. There is support for getMetaData in ResultSet.

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For SQL statements that are prepared in advance, oracle timesten jdbc the same execution methods of a PreparedStatement object. You must pass parameters to CallableStatement by position, not by name.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

With this method signature, in addition to oracle timesten jdbc the parameter position, specify the desired type of the returned associative array according to java. Oracle timesten jdbc to “Considering Oracle timesten jdbc features for access control” for related information.

You cannot use SQL escape syntax. Setting temporary passthrough level with the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure Managing cache groups Note: For applications that use a jdvc replication scheme, have very predictable transactional dependencies, and do not require that the commit order on the receiver is the same as that on the originating database.

Refer to “Connection Attributes” in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference for specific information about any particular connection attribute, including required privilege. But in the preceding oravle, -1 is never returned.

It includes the following topics: Feat ures and functionality of JDBC support for automatic client failover This section discusses general TimesTen JDBC features related to client failover, and functionality relating specifically to pooled connections.

See “Binding associative jebc. Returns a String object in Java 5. Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement. These are identical to inherited from PreparedStatement setter methods. Oracle timesten jdbc an array oracle timesten jdbc mdbc to write to the BLOB, beginning at oracle timesten jdbc roacle position, and return the number of bytes written.


You can programmatically set or override the connection attributes in the DSN description by specifying attributes in the connection URL.

Instead, you can use the TimesTen extended interface TimesTenCallableStatementwhich has a registerOutParameter signature that enables you to specify the maximum data length.

Working with TimesTen Databases in JDBC

SQLException It returns true if jcbc database is valid, or false if the database is in oracle timesten jdbc invalid state, such as due to system or application failure. Preceding sections discussed key features for managing TimesTen data.

This method creates an instance of the TimesTen driver and registers it with the driver manager. This oracle timesten jdbc a TimesTen extension that establishes prefetch at the connection level so that oracle timesten jdbc of the statements on the connection use the same prefetch setting. Associative arrays enable arrays of data to be passed efficiently between a JDBC application lracle the database.

Use the ResultSet method close to close a result set as soon as you are done with it. Disable autocommit as follows: RowId support applies only for Java 6 oracle timesten jdbc. Abnormal termination In some cases, such as with a process failure, an error cannot be returned, so TimesTen automatically rolls back the transactions of the failed process.