Acer Iconia A Series. Additional Risk Factors Specific to the Notes. The notes do not bear interest. Further, foreign companies are subject to accounting, auditing and financial reporting standards and requirements that differ from those applicable to U. Index sponsors may use very different standards for determining sector designations. You should carefully consider whether the offered notes are suited to your particular circumstances.

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The eligible stocks remaining after application of the liquidity screen are ranked by their free float market capitalizations. The chart also shows that any hypothetical final underlier level expressed as a percentage of the initial underlier level of greater than or equal to These pricing models are proprietary and rely in part on certain assumptions about future events, which may prove to be incorrect. Pursuant to this approach, it is the opinion of Sidley Austin LLP that upon the sale, exchange or maturity of your notes, it would be reasonable for you to recognize capital gain or loss equal to the difference, if any, between the amount of cash you receive at such time and your tax basis in your notes.

Furthermore, if you sell your notes, you will likely be charged a commission for secondary market transactions, or the price will likely reflect a dealer discount. For example, if you purchase your notes at a premium to face amount, the cap level will only permit a lower positive return in your investment in the notes than would have been the case for notes purchased at face amount or a discount to face amount.

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The amount payable on the stated maturity date will be based solely upon the overall ,ine in the level of the underlier over the life of your notes. Genuine digitizer, glass and front bezel assembly for the Acer Iconia A tablet series. The closing index level is calculated by converting non-Euro stock prices to Euros using fixed foreign exchange rates WM fixed exchange rates.


Supplemental discussion of U.

Neither you nor silve other holder or owner of your notes will have any rights with respect to the underlier stocks, including voting rights, any right to receive dividends or other distributions, any rights to make a claim against the underlier stocks or any other rights of a holder of the underlier stocks. Foreign economies may also differ from the U. The remaining 50 stocks for the index are selected from the current components ranked between and that siler all of the criteria including the liquidity screen.

Considerations Relating to Indexed Securities.

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The actual performance of the underlier rp-a6002 the life of the offered notes, as well as the cash settlement amount, may bear little relation to the historical closing levels shown below. Silver with Acer Logo. Legal Ownership and Book-Entry Issuance. Validity of the Notes and Guarantees. Among other things, the Internal Revenue Service may decide to require the holders to accrue ordinary income on a current basis and recognize ordinary income on payment at maturity, and could subject non-U.

The cash settlement amount will not be adjusted based on the issue price you pay for the notes. As a result, the actual value you would receive if you sold your ssilver in the secondary market, if any, to others may differ, perhaps materially, from the estimated value of your notes determined by reference to our models due to, among other things, any differences in pricing models or assumptions used by others. Both government intervention in a foreign securities market, either directly or indirectly, and cross-shareholdings in foreign companies, may affect trading prices and volumes in that market.

For these reasons, the actual performance of the underlier over the life of your notes, as well as the amount payable at maturity, if any, may bear little relation to the hypothetical examples shown below or to the historical underlier levels shown elsewhere in this pricing supplement.



STOXX Limited adjusts the divisor for the index to maintain the continuity of the index values across changes due to corporate actions. Terms to be specified in accordance with the accompanying product supplement no. Where any index component stock price is unavailable on any trading day, the underlier sponsor will generally use the last reported price for such component stock.

Stock distribution and rights neither action is applicable to the other: As a result, if you held your notes to the stated maturity date, you would not benefit from any increase in the final underlier level over All holdings that are larger than five linr of the total outstanding number of shares and held on a long-term basis are excluded from the index ilne including, but not limited to, stock owned by the company itself, stock owned by governments, stock owned by certain individuals or families, and restricted shares.

Acer Iconia Silver line tp-a Series: Original issue date settlement date: The amounts in the right column represent the hypothetical cash settlement amounts, based on the corresponding hypothetical final underlier level expressed as a percentage of the initial underlier leveland are expressed ,ine percentages of the face amount of a note rounded to the nearest one-thousandth of a percent.

Silver line tp-a seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Your notes are a riskier investment than ordinary debt securities.